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CAFOs, Your Gut, and Mental Health

25 Mar 2015 | 36,710 Views

When you eat meat, eggs, and dairy from industrial CAFOs, both your mental and physical health could be at risk.

Hibernation Hints at Dementia Therapy

19 Mar 2015 | 33,754 Views

Certain hibernating animals lose some of their memories but they're fully restored come spring, holding potentially exciting clues to memory restoration in humans.

Stress Doesn't Stay in Your Head

12 Mar 2015 | 93,920 Views

Stress begins in your brain but ultimately affects virtually every cell and biological process in your body.

How the Power of Your Mind Can Influence Your Healing and Recovery

05 Mar 2015 | 231,812 Views

It may seem completely random and inexplicable. But researchers theorize it triggers your brain to release dopamine and promote healing. And it's been proven for Parkinson's, migraines, meniscal tears, and even depression. Could it work for you?

How Your Brain Stores Trivial Memories, Just in Case

05 Feb 2015 | 51,799 Views

Information that seems unimportant may be recalled at a later date if the right circumstances, namely your emotions, are involved.

Neuroplasticity Studies Reveal Your Brain’s Amazing Malleability

15 Jan 2015 | 85,615 Views

Your lifestyle choices and habits today profoundly influence how healthy your brain remains and how well it continues to function as you age. Find out what works best to prevent age-related memory loss, and why physical fitness goes hand in hand with brain health.

The Toxic Profits of Shrimp Farming and Tin Mining

10 Jan 2015 | 261,927 Views

Not only is it exposed to illegal, toxic pesticides linked to brain damage, cancer, and Parkinson's - it's produced by harassing poor people, sucking their blood and looting their resources. Bad for you. Bad for the environment. It's really a no-brainer - avoid it like the plague...

High Blood Sugar Levels Linked to Memory Loss

24 Dec 2014 | 53,329 Views

Even if you’re healthy, elevated blood sugar levels may be harming your brain.

Can Fish Oils Prevent or Delay Development of Psychosis?

04 Dec 2014 | 75,107 Views

A "ground-breaking" new study suggests a simple, natural method for delaying the progression of psychosis in those at high risk… for at least seven years!

This Is Your Brain on Knitting

06 Nov 2014 | 69,365 Views

Engaging in hobbies you enjoy, like crafting and knitting, offers significant benefits to your mental health, happiness, and quality of life. It may even help to reverse brain degeneration.


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