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Brain Health Articles

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Mental Health May Depend on the Health of Your Gut Flora

12 Nov 2015 | 96,509 Views

Your gut health plays an intricate role in your behavior and mood, leading researchers to suggest "psychobiotics" as a new treatment for mental health.

How Your Memory Works, and the Surprising Implications of Impaired Memory Function

07 Nov 2015 | 219,735 Views

You probably won't notice it straight away, but gradually the toxic proteins will build up in your brain, particularly in the hippocampal area - until you're left with a brain disease that's almost impossible to bounce back from...

Techniques for Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation

29 Oct 2015 | 51,861 Views

Do you need some help relaxing and learning to live in the present moment? Mindfulness and meditation can do just that, boosting your well-being and physical health in just minutes per day.

Easy Ways to Boost Your Ability to Recall Now - and Later

22 Oct 2015 | 73,980 Views

Do you wish you had an infallible memory and could recall information - like names and where you put your car keys - whenever you needed to? These quick tips can help boost your memory abilities significantly while bolstering your overall brain health too.

The Power of Face-to-Face Meetings in a Digital World

08 Oct 2015 | 33,956 Views

Communicating via video chat, email, and phone calls saves time and money, but increasing research suggests it can't compare with the power of meeting face-to-face. What are the many benefits of in-person meetings?

Neuroplasticity Redefines Our Understanding of the Brain

12 Sep 2015 | 227,436 Views

This Nobel prize-winning psychiatrist showed the mere act of thinking can actually turn on genes that prompt neurons to form new connections. If you could see how your brain reacted to these thoughts, you'd be stunned...

The Science Behind Food Addiction, and Helpful Tools on the Path to Recovery

12 Jul 2015 | 201,394 Views

Here's the real reason most weight reduction plans fail - when you're addicted to food, the reward center of your brain has been hijacked, causing changes identical to those in drug addicts. But here's exactly what to do to help break the cycle...

Scientists Find Direct Link Between Brain and Immune System

25 Jun 2015 | 111,530 Views

In a finding that will require textbooks to be rewritten, researchers discovered a direct link between the brain and the immune system, via lymphatic vessels that were not previously known to exist. The new finding could open new avenues for understanding autism, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, and many other diseases.

Neurosurgeon Reflects on the Awe and Mystery of the Brain

11 Jun 2015 | 48,915 Views

Your brain is a fascinating organ capable of creating your thoughts, emotions, and ability to breathe and function each day… but surprisingly little is understood about how it actually works. One accomplished neurosurgeon shares his insights into the human brain… and the vast mystery surrounding it.

Completely New Models of Dementia Care Are Emerging Across the Globe

23 May 2015 | 357,894 Views

An estimated 5.3 million Americans will be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2015. Mounting research suggests one of the worst things you can do that contributes to this disease is to eat these foods. Yet almost everyone is swallowing bucket loads of it every year... Are you?


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