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Brain Health Articles

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How Your Brain Stores Trivial Memories, Just in Case

05 Feb 2015 | 49,806 Views

Information that seems unimportant may be recalled at a later date if the right circumstances, namely your emotions, are involved.

Neuroplasticity Studies Reveal Your Brain’s Amazing Malleability

15 Jan 2015 | 75,207 Views

Your lifestyle choices and habits today profoundly influence how healthy your brain remains and how well it continues to function as you age. Find out what works best to prevent age-related memory loss, and why physical fitness goes hand in hand with brain health.

The Toxic Profits of Shrimp Farming and Tin Mining

10 Jan 2015 | 258,398 Views

Not only is it exposed to illegal, toxic pesticides linked to brain damage, cancer, and Parkinson's - it's produced by harassing poor people, sucking their blood and looting their resources. Bad for you. Bad for the environment. It's really a no-brainer - avoid it like the plague...

High Blood Sugar Levels Linked to Memory Loss

24 Dec 2014 | 49,922 Views

Even if you’re healthy, elevated blood sugar levels may be harming your brain.

Can Fish Oils Prevent or Delay Development of Psychosis?

04 Dec 2014 | 72,361 Views

A "ground-breaking" new study suggests a simple, natural method for delaying the progression of psychosis in those at high risk… for at least seven years!

This Is Your Brain on Knitting

06 Nov 2014 | 64,990 Views

Engaging in hobbies you enjoy, like crafting and knitting, offers significant benefits to your mental health, happiness, and quality of life. It may even help to reverse brain degeneration.

Worry and Obsession Linked to Alzheimer's Risk

16 Oct 2014 | 82,816 Views

If you have personality traits of neuroticism, you may be at twice the risk of developing Alzheimer's. But making changes now might considerably lower your risk.

Turmeric Compound Boosts Regeneration of Brain Stem Cells, and More

13 Oct 2014 | 471,936 Views

With more evidence supporting its use against cancer than any other nutrient (including vitamin D), it is perhaps the most useful herb on the planet. Remarkably, it also breaks up plaque in your brain... so why aren't doctors handing it out like candy?

How To Keep Your Brain Young

09 Oct 2014 | 366,236 Views

Despite what some experts may say, I don't agree that memory lapses are a normal part of aging. Your brain has the capacity to repair itself if you give it the right conditions. Don't delay, make these 4 changes now to help reverse damage to your brain and memory.

Smoking Is Major Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease

02 Oct 2014 | 343,220 Views

You can't go wrong by ditching this habit that boosts Alzheimer's risk by 45%. Besides dementia, it can cause heart attacks and stroke. Do you or a loved one make this mistake? Successfully extract yourself now.


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