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Nine Ways to Make Yourself Smarter

Want to boost your intellect and stave off mental aging? These nine simple lifestyle changes may do the trick.

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Can This Banned Condiment Boost Brain Function?

17 Apr 2017 | 58,681 Views

Not many in the US eat Marmite, the British version of Australia's savory spread known as Vegemite. Somewhat controversial in some countries (for an arguably uninformed reason), Marmite has been found to contain nutritional components proven to boost brain power, protect against antibiotic-resistant superbugs and more.

Falling Is Taking a Toll on Elderly Brains

06 Apr 2017 | 27,547 Views

Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury among older adults, and the rate of fall-induced brain injuries has increased significantly in recent years. Researchers cited an urgent need for increased fall-prevention efforts. Unbeknownst to many, falls are often preventable.

Migraine Triggers and Helpful Treatments

30 Mar 2017 | 106,955 Views

In a recent study with more than 7,400 individuals, up to half had below average levels of certain vitamins, and those who suffered from chronic migraines were overall more likely to have one of two deficiencies. Another study found that those with the lowest levels of this nutrient were twice as likely to suffer frequent headaches.

Resveratrol Proven to Slow Brain Aging

27 Mar 2017 | 37,550 Views

Resveratrol is a potent antioxidant found in grape skins and several plant-based foods. New research has revealed it may offer neuroprotective benefits similar to exercise and reduced calories. Scientists have new hope for breakthroughs that would impact age-related problems, including Alzheimer’s.

B Vitamins May Protect Against Damaging Effects of Air Pollution, and Improve Cognition and Psychiatric Health

27 Mar 2017 | 188,469 Views

You'd never give an enemy access to something as important as your brain. Yet millions neglect this nutrient, and its shortfall throws your brain out of whack, triggering mood, memory and anxiety problems. Also leads to dementia and Alzheimer's. Don't let this happen to you.

Simple Brain Training Techniques Can Turn You Into a Memory Master

23 Mar 2017 | 149,899 Views

Have you ever wondered why you or your child can't recall memories from your earliest years? Scientists know your brain has neuroplasticity, but you may be surprised just how nimble your brain can become in just 6 weeks. Gain self-confidence, regain your youthful brain and zoom to the top of your game with these methods.

Latest Perk for Coffee Drinkers: A Boost of Beneficial Enzymes

20 Mar 2017 | 53,676 Views

A new study shows another reason why coffee is good for you, adding to many other benefits already noted, such as lowering your cancer, diabetes and Parkinson's disease risks. Now, it's been identified as a compound that may minimize your risk for dementia by protecting neurons in your brain.

‘Ride the Tiger’ — a Documentary About the Bipolar Brain

11 Mar 2017 | 152,586 Views

There are several treatment options for bipolar depression besides drugs. One may seem barbaric, yet has been shown highly effective for those with this type of depression. Another acts like a pacemaker for your brain, allowing you to regulate your own mood.

Sauna Therapy May Reduce Risk of Dementia and Boost Brain Health

09 Feb 2017 | 225,700 Views

Stunning 2-decade study showed a dramatic 66 percent reduction in dementia, even after accounting for other lifestyle factors. Increases focus and attention, promotes myelin growth, boosts BDNF and growth factors, prevents clogging of proteins - and that's just the beginning.

Essential Oils Can Help ADHD

26 Jan 2017 | 96,366 Views

Among people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), inhaling essential oils or applying them topically to the skin may boost cognitive performance, focus, attention and more. Parents of children with ADHD have noted life-changing improvements in behavior and schoolwork from this simple and natural intervention.


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