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Completely New Models of Dementia Care Are Emerging Across the Globe

23 May 2015 | 228,290 Views

An estimated 5.3 million Americans will be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2015. Mounting research suggests one of the worst things you can do that contributes to this disease is to eat these foods. Yet almost everyone is swallowing bucket loads of it every year... Are you?

Neurologist Speaks Out About the Importance of Gut Health for Prevention and Treatment of “Incurable” Neurological Disorders

17 May 2015 | 374,841 Views

Could Alzheimer's and MS really be curable? This leading neurologist thinks so - just wait until you hear the story of the young man with MS who leaves physicians with their jaws hanging - because he's done something that was never considered possible in medical school.

Brain Health: Can These Tricks Make You Smarter?

07 May 2015 | 65,178 Views

Boost your brainpower, concentration, and creativity using these surprisingly simple brain hacks.

Boost Your Brain Health by Developing a Higher Purpose in Life, and Other Simple Brain-Boosting Strategies

30 Apr 2015 | 208,169 Views

This is one of the biggest ways you can slash your risk of stroke in half - even if you have other health negatives, like smoking, obesity, diabetes, or lack of exercise. And it may also protect you against other diseases of aging, and more... Get started today.

Green Tea Linked to Decreased Risk for Dementia

23 Apr 2015 | 56,447 Views

Drinking this healthy beverage each week could offer significant benefits for your brain health.

CAFOs, Your Gut, and Mental Health

25 Mar 2015 | 38,701 Views

When you eat meat, eggs, and dairy from industrial CAFOs, both your mental and physical health could be at risk.

Hibernation Hints at Dementia Therapy

19 Mar 2015 | 34,684 Views

Certain hibernating animals lose some of their memories but they're fully restored come spring, holding potentially exciting clues to memory restoration in humans.

Stress Doesn't Stay in Your Head

12 Mar 2015 | 187,154 Views

Stress begins in your brain but ultimately affects virtually every cell and biological process in your body.

How the Power of Your Mind Can Influence Your Healing and Recovery

05 Mar 2015 | 236,189 Views

It may seem completely random and inexplicable. But researchers theorize it triggers your brain to release dopamine and promote healing. And it's been proven for Parkinson's, migraines, meniscal tears, and even depression. Could it work for you?

How Your Brain Stores Trivial Memories, Just in Case

05 Feb 2015 | 52,683 Views

Information that seems unimportant may be recalled at a later date if the right circumstances, namely your emotions, are involved.


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