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Nine Ways to Make Yourself Smarter

Want to boost your intellect and stave off mental aging? These nine simple lifestyle changes may do the trick.

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Essential Oils - An Effective and Healthy Option to Treat Headaches

04 Oct 2017 | 23,657 Views

Nearly 90 percent of people will experience at least one type of headache during their life. By avoiding triggers and incorporating essential oils, you may reduce the frequency and intensity of your headaches. I'll share strategies to use essential oils and share some of the triggers for headaches, many of which you can control.

How Dehydration Affects Your Brain Function

28 Sep 2017 | 178,172 Views

Struggling with daytime drowsiness, brain fog or headaches? Try this simple trick to get relief. Takes about 20 minutes and costs nothing. It could save you from making serious or deadly mistakes while driving. With this renewed energy, your genius is sure to shine through.

Flame Retardants Damaging Kids' Brains

22 Aug 2017 | 15,571 Views

Exposure to flame retardants around the time of conception, in utero or during childhood is associated with lower intelligence among children. Greater exposures to these neurotoxic chemicals are associated with decreases in IQ, amounting to 'millions of IQ points lost' among US kids.

Lutein - An Important Nutrient for Eye and Brain Health

07 Aug 2017 | 143,730 Views

The most recent research about this nutrient that your body can't make shows how it may affect your neural responses and help you stay cognitively fit as you age. Find out the 10 best food sources, including the top two that contain as much as 47 percent of this brain- and eye-loving nutrient.

McCain's Brain Tumor From Cellphone?

01 Aug 2017 | 59,231 Views

Another politician, who probably spent a good deal of time on a wireless phone, has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Could there be a connection, and what does the latest research say on the topic of cellphones and brain cancer? Most importantly, what can you do to stay safe?

How Video Games Affect Your Brain

27 Jul 2017 | 36,993 Views

Researchers analyzed more than 100 video game studies to reveal the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to video games and your brain. While pointing out some of the more well-known risks like exposure to violence and addiction, the study also revealed some surprising brain benefits that video games offer.

Strawberry Compound a Key to Good Memory

24 Jul 2017 | 21,016 Views

More research is emerging about a little-known compound called fisetin, shown to have multiple disease-negating effects throughout your body, especially in your brain. Strawberries contain more fisetin than any other fruit, but they also top the 'Dirty Dozen' list of most pesticide-ridden produce. How can you get around that?

Do Fidget Spinners Help Anxiety and ADHD? Experts Are Skeptical

20 Jul 2017 | 27,064 Views

Fidget spinners have taken off as the latest go-to gadget among kids, in part due to claims that they relieve stress and increase focus, which is useful for those with ADHD, autism and anxiety. Controversy has quickly ensued among those who believe fidget spinners may be more of a distraction than a source of relief.

Anxiety Overtakes Depression as No. 1 Mental Health Problem

29 Jun 2017 | 193,957 Views

Unfortunately, it's a sign of the times. The crazy world we're living in is taking its toll on Americans' health without many fully realizing. This medical condition is now so widespread, some have even ventured to suggest that if you're a human living in 2017 and you're not experiencing this, then you may not be normal.

Cannabis May Help Rejuvenate the Aging Brain and Ward Off Dementia

25 May 2017 | 225,218 Views

Research shows it stops buildup of beta amyloid plaque in the brain - a hallmark of Alzheimer's. And that it promotes homeostasis and helps you respond to stress. All it takes is a small amount to restore a youthful brain. A late-breaking study confirmed it, many times over.


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